Dental Examination Auckland – Comprehensive Care

Regular dental examination Auckland is essential to spot oral hygiene problems early on and get the best treatment available. However, it is just as important to go to a reputable and professional dental practice in order to receive a comprehensive examination.

At Inspire Dental, you can expect the following:

1. Experience

Their experienced team understands that for most people, going to the dentist, can be a daunting if not frightening experience. The calm, relaxed but professional environment as well as the friendly staff will put you at ease about what to expect and throughout your dental examination Auckland.

2. Teeth Cleaning

One of the first items on any dental examination checklist is to identify the need for teeth cleaning. Even if you brush and floss regularly, plaque and tartar or calculus can build up, especially in hard to reach places, It is recommended to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least every one to two years.

2. Cavities

The next step is to check whether you have any cavities or if any cavities are likely to form in the future. This can be a mildly uncomfortable process as the dentist needs to poke around in your teeth in order to identify if you have a cavity. Preventative measures such as calcium or fluoride treatments can be used to prevent the deterioration of a tooth. Alternatively, the dentist will set up a follow-up appointment to fill cavities in the teeth.

3. Other Dental Issues

Your dentist will exam your mouth, teeth and gums to identify the need for any additional treatments or procedures. They will look for the following:

– Gum disease

– Gingivitis or bad breath

– Tooth sensitivity due to the deterioration for enamel and the appearance of dentine.

– Chipped or damaged teeth that need to be repaired in order to prevent deterioration.

– The need for root canal treatment to eliminate unwanted pain.

– The necessity for extraction of a tooth. Extraction is a last resort at most dental practices and a dentist will always attempt to repair or restore a tooth rather than remove it.

– Whether veneers, caps, bridges or implants may be necessary in order to restore a beautiful smile.

– If dentures or other dental orthotics may be necessary.

– The need for specialist care such as orthodontics or maxillo-oral facial surgery in order to correct a bite or misalignment of the jaw and teeth.

– The dentist may require an updated x-ray of your mouth which can be performed in the dental rooms.

A comprehensive dental examination Auckland can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

It is highly recommended to have a professional dental examination every year but at least every two years, even if you are not experiencing any problems or pain. Once pain has set in, it means that a problem already exists and that it is too late for preventative care.

Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure and a comprehensive dental examination Auckland is the best way to avoid dental problems.